Our Mission

Balanced Office Solutions is on a mission to help high performing passionate businesses and entrepreneurs with their own mission to go from good to great. We want you to never settle or give up on your dream. We want you to believe in yourself and your business. We want you to know you are extraordinary and the world needs what you have to offer. Success is a long and sometimes lonely path, but Balanced Office Solutions will support you through the sometimes-challenging-but-so-worth-it process of getting your business and finances organized so that you can make meaningful business decisions. Being a business owner is hard, but you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. Some days it is one foot in front of another and you’re not sure where you are going but having the right mindset and people in your court can help you succeed and take your business to the next level.

Hey great to see you!

My door is always open, I love meeting new people and getting to know about you! I love to chat about all things and of course bookkeeping and business operations.

I’m Beckie Rosenberg, passionate numbers nerd, business operations, and champion of small business owners everywhere. I live in Massachusetts with my partner Chad and my fur babies, Jack (real name Jack Ass) and Tyson.

I am an Enneagram 6 and my top 5 Gene Keys are Empathy, Achiever, Harmony, Relator, Consistency.

I LOVE listening to Podcasts. The more I can learn the more I can help others.

I end my week by meeting one of my besties for coffee on Friday mornings.

I LOVE giving and sending handwritten cards and personal gifts to show my appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful people in my life.

I am an avid sports fan – hockey, baseball, football, and sometimes basketball if it’s from the Larry Bird era.

When I am not working, you can find me in nature either at the beach, the mountains, the woods – capturing the beauty of nature through photography.

Now on to the stuff you really want to know…

After working as an operations manager and bookkeeper for more than 20 year for a number of different small businesses and industries and having my hands in everything, I went out on my own and started Balanced Office Solutions in 2011. I really saw a need to support small businesses that didn’t need a full-time or part-time bookkeeper or operations manager, but desperately needed the support.

Money management can be a real stressor in your business if numbers just aren’t your thing. I know numbers and taxes and reports can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t literate in “financial speak”. The good news is, numbers are my first language. I live for showing you how to pay down debt, increase revenue and make your hard-earned money work for you.

I wanted to work with small businesses on getting comfortable with their books, and strengthening their mindset around understanding their books, their money, and how they worked together. I knew I could help with better bookkeeping, and more organized processes and systems.

I have a personal ideology around all things business and bookkeeping that I share with my clients. It combines mindset and actionable steps to work towards your goals. And while it’s great to reconcile the balance sheets, maintaining them requires business management systems to keep the momentum going.

My business model is built on offering a non-judgmental, learning environment and a comprehensive approach that can be customized to the needs of your business. I love nothing more than to see my clients confidently take their businesses to the next level by getting clear and confident about their money.

Would love to get to know you more.

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