Feeling overwhelmed in your business?

Ask yourself…

How much time and money are you wasting by not getting serious about your bookkeeping, financial management, and business operations?

Are you feeling lost in piles of receipts and bank statements with no end in sight?

Unsure of which program to use or direction to take?

Are you ready to scale your business and reclaim your work-life balance?

Want to tap into your full potential by making confident and strategic business decisions?

Welcome to Balanced Office Solutions!

Allow us to help you reduce the overwhelm, anxiety, and frustration in your business.

We are here to help sort through the chaos and get your books and business in order.

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We Meet You Where You Are

Whether you’re a new or established entrepreneur putting the pieces of business together is hard. It’s time to get a handle on your money and business. Through solid bookkeeping, operations management, and systems, we help you get clear about your financials and strategize ways to help you grow and scale your business.

Our services can be customized to meet your needs. We love numbers, but don’t treat you as one. 

Get Comfortable with Your Numbers

It’s time to stop waving the white flag of defeat or beating yourself up for struggling to manage your books and your business when it’s our area of expertise.

Money. It’s just one part of the story.

We will join forces to:

Organize and Maintain Your Accounting Systems

Make clear financial decisions.

Create a Strategy for Your Business

Step into an empowered path of success.

Achieve Success Through Education

Feel confident in what your numbers mean.

Streamline Your Office Management Systems

Reclaim your work-life balance.

By strengthening your mindset around money and business, we’ll help create consistency and an actionable strategy to make your business and money work for you.

“The truth is, everyone struggles with money management on some level regardless of how much they have. I want to help minimize that struggle and create balance in your business and personal finances. I want you to feel good about all of it.”
– Beckie

More About Our Founder

Beckie Rosenberg

Founder & Owner

My 20+ years of experience as an executive office manager taught me about bookkeeping and office management. I can spot inefficiencies a mile away, and I know how to get people on board with change when necessary. But, more importantly, I learned how all the players and processes in a business interact.

Beckie, bookkeeper and owner of Balanced Office Solutions sits on an indoor swing.

what we offer

Let’s Build Your Money Confidence

No two businesses are the same and neither is the bookkeeping and operations support you need to elevate your business. Balanced Office Solutions is here to create a service package to suit your bookkeeping and business needs.

All Things Bookkeeping

Custom Bookkeeping Services to meet your business needs. We offer done for you service or training.

All Things QuickBooks

Personalized packages to help you learn or set up QuickBooks™ Desktop or Online and more.

Consulting Services

Consulting. Coaching. Mentorship. Advising. Call it what you want! Helping you with mindset and all things business!

Client Testimonials

Client Love

To put it simply, Beckie Rosenberg is a bookkeeping rock star! I hired Beckie to set it up for me and to provide some training. She was beyond helpful. She was thorough, patient, kind, knowledgeable, and just a pleasure to have as my QB guide. As my business grows, I look forward to handing over ALL my bookkeeping tasks into Beckie’s very competent hands! I highly recommend Balanced Office Solutions for your bookkeeping needs!

Deb Goeschel

Owner at Message Artist Creative Group

Beckie is amazing! She not only is an incredible bookkeeper, but she coached me to get out of debt. She is one of the best coaches I has ever worked with. She really cares about her clients. I highly recommend working with her if you are looking for any sort of financial coaching or are ready to get out of debt!

Carla Chalah

Owner at Message Artist Creative Group

Rebekah is way more than a bookkeeper. She understands about the life of a business owner and really does help implement systems to make our lives easier. She helps me with my books, tax prep, business expense reports, and also is honest when I need to change things in my business. She is an amazing financial coach, business guide and a true helper. I would highly recommend her before too many people discover her value!

Dan C.

Owner at Dan Candell Hypnosis – Your Anxiety Relief Guy

Beckie taught me how to most efficiently use QuickBooks and gave me a streamlined system so that I can more efficiently stay up to date with my accounting. She was always available to answer questions and spent extra time with me making sure I understood the process. She is very knowledgeable about QuickBooks.

Sue Jones

Owner at Inner Being Therapy, LLC

Beckie from Balanced Office Solutions makes bookkeeping so organized and easy. As a one person startup the last thing on my list was always my books which is terrible for growth and scaling. Beckie got everything back in order quickly and efficiently. She’s easy and enjoyable to work with and knows her stuff. Best of all her rates are super affordable – highly recommend!

Dahlia Rizk

Owner at Buckle Me Baby Coats

Beckie is amazing at assisting all small businesses with bookkeeping, organizing, and any additional help you are looking for. She helps in so many different ways to make sure you stay focus on your business. I used to spend hours before on Quickbooks and making sure everything matches and now I have all the information I need with a very quick response and I can continue to grow my businesses. I would highly recommend Balanced Office Solutions to all small businesses or even for those who just needs some assistance with keeping up with bills and being organized!

Yun & Matt Rhee

Owner at Responsive Results

Are you overwhelmed and all done with DIY?

No problem! Let’s talk about how we can help.