As a small business owner, you know by now that starting, owning, and running the daily operations of your business comes with its challenges. Sometimes, your own mindset can create some of your difficulties!

We’re only human, after all, and we can’t always see how we’re stifling our own growth until we’re neck deep in the quicksand. But fear not, hard-headed friends! I’ve compiled this short list of Shit to Let Go of That Will Actually Make a Difference in Your Business that will help – if you let it.


Seriously!! Stop it right now!!! 

I promise you are only hurting yourself and your bottom line by trying to do everything on your own as a small business owner. When it comes to shit to let go of that will actually make a difference in your business, this list item is top dog. 

I know all too well that this is a hard pill to swallow for most of us. I’ve been there! So, trust me when I say, if you want to change your mindset, if you want to achieve your growth goals, you MUST outsource what you can.

I know you’re probably thinking “But Beckie, outsourcing work is friggin’ expensive!” And I definitely agree, it can be. But if you take anything away from this blog, let it be this:

You are losing money trying to do everything on your own.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. 

By holding onto the shit to let go of that will actually make a difference in your business, you are directly impeding your financial growth. 

For example: how much time have you spent doing your own bookkeeping only to find out come tax season that you’re in the hole because of miscategorized transactions, accidentally omitted bills, unreconciled accounts, etc.?

You’ve spent countless hours performing your routine bookkeeping duties incorrectly–time that could’ve been spent growing your business–and now your accountant is sending you angry emails and IRS penalties may be in your future. Outsourcing may be a scary venture, but let me tell you, it’s necessary for your business’ survival.

Let Go of Rigidity

Listen, I know this is a hard one for many of us. Being able to adapt to the ever-changing world around us is no easy feat, but it’s a necessary one if you want to continue being a small business owner.

That same thing you were doing 5 years ago when you first opened your doors may not align with how the business world works nowadays, and may only impede your growth in the long run.

Free your mind and the money WILL follow

If you choose to remain rigid in your approach to doing business, it may cause financial stagnation, plateaus, and even large losses in the money coming in. To stimulate growth, it is crucial to stay on top of technological, economic, and social trends.

If this sounds like one of the areas that you need work in, reach out to us! Creating a healthy growth mindset to help your business thrive is our favorite

Ditch Unrealistic Goals You Won’t Reach

If you’re not creating goals for yourself, are you really even living?!? 

Just kidding, but seriously – it’s been proven time and again that creating goals will help you achieve them. If you’re seriously considering what shit to let go of that will actually make a difference in your business, ditching ones that are too lofty, too unrealistic, and too hard is the way to go.

When setting goals, it is important to acknowledge that there is more than one type of goal that will be instrumental in getting the outcomes you desire. First, you have your outcome goals, which are ultimately the “end goals”. These should be exactly what you want to achieve.

Once you’ve got your outcome goals nailed down, you’ll want to come up with some process (or performance) goals as well. These goals are going to lay the framework down to get you step-by-step to those outcome goals.

Make sure these goals are attainable

A growing list of un-accomplishments can be even more demoralizing than not making any goals at all. It’s great to have high ambitions and strive for challenges, but it’s also important to give yourself some wins, too.

Keep in mind that having a growth mindset as a small business owner is key to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into the type of business you’ve worked so hard to create, and keeping to your goals will be hard as hell without it. 

Let’s Wrap It Up

When it comes to shit to let go of that will actually make a difference in your business, we all know that the “letting go” part is never easy. It’s hard to let go of a certain mindset that may have brought us comfort in hard times, or success in others.

I will tell you this, though – it may be hard, but it isn’t impossible! You’ve overcome so much already just existing in this world as a small business owner, so don’t inhibit your own growth by staying stuck in your ways!