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Call it what you want, we’re here to help you get past your money blocks, get organized with your books, and strengthen your mindset around your finances. How you manage, organize and think about your money can be the difference between struggling to get by or owning the money game.

Nearly everyone has a complicated relationship with money. Whether you feel constantly broke or you struggle to make financial decisions, money challenges can cause lots of stress and keep you from achieving the financial success you deserve.

We work with clients like you – individuals and businesses – to take a hard look at your financial habits and beliefs about money, and develop healthy strategies moving forward.

Next, we create a plan to shift your mindset and practices so that you can achieve your goals. I love supporting my clients every step of the way as they learn how to mind their money matters.

Each three month program is customized, and includes:

• An initial 90-minute strategy call with Beckie, Founder of Balanced Office Solutions

• Six 60-minute progress and accountability calls

• Voxer support during the length of the program

Depending on your needs, your program can also include:

• Best bookkeeping practices

• Quickbooks ™ organization

• Debt reduction plan

Investment Starts at $1,997

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