So many entrepreneurs and business owners know they need a bookkeeping system, do their homework, and end up choosing QuickBooks™.

Is it quick for us as bookkeepers? Most of the time.
Is it quick for you? Maybe not so much.

As a QuickBooks™ Desktop Certified ProAdvisors and QuickBooks™ Online Certified ProAdvisors, we can help you set up your new bookkeeping system and train you on how to manage it yourself.

With over two decades of Quickbooks™ experience, we know how to navigate the quirks and challenges of this system, as well as how to problem-solve the diagnostic issues that can come up.

Have you been through You Tube or paid for Online Training Programs and still don’t understand QuickBooks?!

That is because one size training does not fit all! Here at Balanced Office Solutions recognize that just because another business does this…. doesn’t mean that fits your business! 

Getting organized about your bookkeeping right from the start is half of the battle with your books Whether you use the desktop or online version, QuickBooks™ is a great choice.

Just because you opened an account doesn’t mean you’re comfortable moving forward. You have to input a ton of information – bank accounts and credit card accounts, preferences and categories, vendors and customers, and a bunch of other things you might not be familiar with. You start to question if you’re in over your head – #stressful!

We are here to get you set up and educate you on avoiding the crucial errors you might make that can result in overwhelm overload when your books don’t make sense.

Invest in QB Success: 1:1 Training

Oh crap, this is not my jam

“I thought I could do this myself but”….

Although many business owners choose this system, it’s not as as quick and easy to set up and manage as you might hope. Quickbooks ™ can be overwhelming. There are more contradictory Youtube videos out there than you could watch in your lifetime.

And if you think someone is just waiting for you to call on their help desk support line, think again. You can lose hours being shuffled around from person to person and still not have a solution to your problem – #frustrating!

The best way to win at Quickbooks™ is through training. We will set you up with an organized and clear strategy and prepare you to trouble-shoot potential issues. This training will give you the confidence to manage your day to day Quickbooks™ maintenance.

We offer two QuickBooks™ training options, both with the owner of Balanced Office Solutions, that are designed for those who already have an established QuickBooks™ account. The right option for you will depend on the complexities of your business and your level of technological savvy. All training packages include a 15-minute review of your chart of accounts.

QuickBooks Setup

This is for you if you want QuickBooks, but have no idea where to start!

Our QuickBooks Setup services are specifically designed to help save you time while getting your books set up in an easy-to-maintain manner. We also can include a bundled training package as well if you want your books setup and don’t want to learn on your own! We would love to help you! 

Setup inlcludes

  • Review of subscriptions to find the one that best meets your business needs
  • Setup of Chart of Accounts customized to meet your business needs
  • Review of your current Balance Sheet and help with implementing beginning balances
  • Review of services and items you may sell and a review of sales or meals tax practices
  • Basic Bookkeeping Principles including reconciliation practices

Keep It Simple QuickBooks Training

This is for you if you have QuickBooks set up and have some knowledge of QuickBooks.

We break this down into 3 hours of training which is broken into two 1.5 hour sessions.

Training Includes:

  • Best Practices for QuickBooks™ Online
  • Common Mistakes and Quirks of QuickBooks™ Online
  • Review of your QuickBooks online subscription & Chart of Accounts
  • How to add bank feeds and review
  • Basic Bookkeeping Principles including reconciliation practices
  • 2 weeks of email support after completion

A Little Extra QuickBooks Training

This is for you if you have QuickBooks set up and have some knowledge of QuickBooks.

We break this down into 4.5 hours hours of training which is broken into three 1.5 hour sessions.

Training Includes:

  • Everything in Keep It Simple PLUS
  • QuickBooks™ Online Intermediate Setup and Use
  • How to Review Reporting (Income Statements, Balance Sheet and other custom reporting)
  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & Class Tracking
  • 2 weeks of email support after completion

All About You Customized QuickBooks Training

We realize that sometimes you don’t fit into a box, program, or package, but you still need to learn Quickbooks™. We create a custom training program that meets you exactly where you are, based on your needs and comfort level with Quickbooks™.

Price Varies on Needs – Contact Us for More Information!

Quickbooks™ Data Migration

You’re ready to say buh-bye to your current bookkeeping software and hello to QuickBooks™ Desktop or QuickBooks™ Online. You know it’s the right choice, but the stress of making big changes to your business systems has you feeling a little shaky. I can help take the headache out of the process and efficiently transition you from your old system to QuickBooks™.

If you spend enough hours, you might be able to set up and manage QuickBooks™ on your own. But what’s the value of the time you’d save? Are you 100% confident that all of your data will be converted correctly, and there won’t be issued reconciling in your new account?

Let us make sure everything transitions properly so that the process is seamless.

Diagnostic Help

QuickBooks Hell Fixes

Even for the most tech savvy and organized people, bookkeeping can get complicated. And those complications tend to spring up at the most inconvenient times.

You could call the QuickBooks™ helpline with your problem, but you’ll probably be shuffled around to seven different people to get one answer – #aggravating!

Instead, I can solve your issue from beginning to end, accessing a higher level of QuickBooks™ support directly if necessary, for quick and complete answers that will get you back up and running quickly and efficiently.

As a Certified QuickBooks™ ProAdvisor (Desktop and online) with over a decade of experience, I know all the ins, outs, and quirks of the software.

Let go of your Quickbooks™ stress. Learn more about our QuickBooks™ diagnostic and support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure you are ready, no worries!

I am always happy to speak and address any questions or concerns you may have about using my QuickBooks training services. I know there is an overwhelming amount of information out there as well as here! Plus maybe you have spent a lot of time and money already, trust me I get it. I want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident in your decision to use my services. I know you have so many more important things to do in your business than climbing the steep learning curve to learn everything there is about QuickBooks and I want to help get you there. Feeling confident and making QuickBooks work for you and your business not the other way around. I always offer a free, no obligation call to discuss all your questions! Feel free to go over to the contact page and lets jump on a call! 

What about after training if I need additional help?

We believe that again on size does not fit all! We offer training services for those who want to learn and want to DIY, but if you want an extra hand after training we are certainly happy to help support your business! We have created our process so you get exactly the services you need for your business after training. We’re always more than happy to provide custom services to fit your needs which may include monthly or quarterly bookkeeping for those who do not want to do their own after the training. Or if you are happy with DIY, but want someone to bounce questions off of or someone to review your bookkeeping quarterly we have services for that as well! Please always reach out we are happy to customize to meet your business needs! 

It’s time to make sure your money is working as hard as you are.

Let’s take your business to the next level.