Balanced Office Solutions is Hiring!

We’re looking for a detail-oriented, forward-thinking, tech-savvy, high-achieving, loyal intrapreneurial, experienced bookkeeper who loves numbers, improving systems, and troubleshooting who has a go-getter attitude and a figure it out mentality.

Does this sound like you?

You are a planner & implementer and you can manage your own deadlines– you are a master multitasker and don’t mind tracking your time for multiple projects and task lists.

You are a natural problem solver with a figure-it-out mentality. When you see a problem arise, you are determined to find the solution because you are a go-getter, but you know there’s a time and place to ask for help.

You’re analytical and strategic– you love numbers and embracing technology.

You are detail-oriented– attention to detail is one of the highest ranking necessary skills for any bookkeeper, all while new requests and needs are generated, and the ability to handle all with little to no error (we all make mistakes) is imperative as this directly affects each Client and their business.

You are someone who loves to support entrepreneurs and small businesses, but don’t have the desire to be an entrepreneur yourself– you are born to be an intrapreneur.

You are a great communicator and know communication is key– whether it be with clients, team members, or other connections, you have no problem communicating in a professional and respectful manner.

You are familiar with Balanced Office Solutions’ values and services and are ready to play a critical role in serving our clients and taking Balanced Office Solutions to the next level.

You have a positive student mentality– you love to learn something new everyday.

You have an attitude of contribution– a “How can I help?” approach to each day’s activities is key!

You are trustworthy and can handle confidential information daily– systems and tools will be provided to ensure each Client’s information is kept secure at all times.

Do you want to join a team of professionals looking to help small business owners get clear about their financials, make more money, and scale their business through the power of getting comfortable with their numbers?

Balanced Office Solutions is looking for an Enthusiastic Part-Time Bookkeeper to join our team!

Imagine what it would be like coming to work where you’re respected and have the opportunity to grow and learn in your position while being a part of a responsible, honest, and supportive team encouraging you to have open communication and be ready to work as a productive team player.

Imagine being not only appreciated but supported in your work and your team being open and receptive to your ideas.

We are a growing firm and we’re looking for our one of a kind bookkeeper to join our team and help us in serving our clients.

Let’s get the details out of the way first

  • The hours start around 5-20 hours per week but as you grow and learn the way Balanced Office Solutions operates, this can quickly become a full-time position, 30+ hours a week, within our company– we’re looking for someone who is in it for the long haul. Hours may increase during the busy season or month end.
  • If you’re looking to work as a contractor for us and multiple other bookkeeping firms, this is not the right position for you.
  • Balanced Office Solutions is looking for someone who can add value to our team and transition into a full-time role– if you are looking to start your own bookkeeping business, this is not the right position for you.
  • Balanced Office Solutions requires all hands on deck during busy times– November through April– this means a bigger time commitment may be necessary to support the influx of work required. While we offer and highly support taking vacations and self-care, we do request all hands on deck during these times. We do offer paid holiday’s and some other perks!
  • If you are not comfortable with weekly one-on-one meetings and tracking your time on tasks, this is not the position for you.

Now let’s get to the good stuff

  • We work remotely which means you don’t have to wear ‘business casual’ or sit in traffic. You can come to work in your PJ’s or yoga pants.
  • The hours are flexible– we will work with you to create a schedule and routine that works for both of us. Our only requirement is that you show up for weekly one-on-one meetings, track your time worked, and be within one of the US time zones. We support clients across the US and our HQ is in Massachusetts.
  • The work is bookkeeping, but it’s still fun and you’re making a difference! You’ll be handling the books for 20-50 small business clients who are doing incredible things in their communities.
  • You’ll have the time and space to learn and grow. One of Balanced Office Solutions values is growth– personal, professional, and financial. A growth mindset plays a critical role in your success both personally and here at Balanced Office Solutions. Your continued education is required when being a part of our team.

Must Haves

  • High school Diploma or equivalent is required– no degree necessary, as real world experience is very welcomed!
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of experience as a Bookkeeper and/or Office Management, Business Administrator or similar.
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of QuickBooks Online experience is required.
  • Excellent communication skills– a superior grasp of the English language and can communicate verbally and in writing without coming across brash and abrasive to clients.
  • Ambitious, self-motivated, and enjoys problem solving.
  • Takes initiative to get things done without needing any hand-holding.
  • Organized, detail-oriented, and hates to procrastinate.
  • Comfortable on the phone and on Zoom– okay with weekly one-on-one team meetings.
  • Must be willing to document all systems and processes as well as track the time taken to complete each task.
  • Comfortable working independently with technology.
  • Has knowledge of technology and is comfortable with softwares like QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, GSuite, Google Drive, ClickUp, among other programs.
  • Ability to prioritize client tasks and workload between multiple clients.
  • Comprehensive understanding of bookkeeping best practices and procedures and the ability to train and support team members when needed.
  • A reliable computer, up to date operating software, printer and internet connection required to perform daily assigned tasks. Balanced Office Solutions will provide bookkeeping specific software and security tools.


  • Has 3-5 years of bookkeeping experience, whether private, public, or a small business.
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of QuickBooks Desktop experience is required.
  • Has knowledge of technology and is comfortable with softwares like Dubsado, Canva, and Microsoft Office Products.
  • Has administrative experience and is willing to be a leader within our business.
  • Familiar with Sales Tax & Meals Tax.

Responsibilities & Role

Balanced Office Solutions is looking for an Enthusiastic Part-Time Bookkeeper willing to grow into a Full-Time position, to join our team! You need to be detail-oriented– in fact, we’re so serious about that, that there’s a secret subject line you will need to use in your job application, just to prove how detailed you are! A few additional things we expect of our Bookkeepers is…

  • Make accounts payable and receivable, complete journal entries, bank account and credit card reconciliations, process 1099’s, track loan payments as well as other items to be reconciled on balance sheets through QuickBooks.
  • Review books for accuracy and completeness on a weekly basis.
  • Complete weekly Zoom meetings to discuss client activities, questions, concerns, and opportunities.
  • Complete end of month balance sheets and income statement reviews, run reviews and trial balances weekly, make needed corrections of any discrepancies, and when needed prepare monthly or quarterly financial statements.
  • Your Hidden Subject Line is “Enthusiastic Bookkeeper”
  • Review client inquiries and/or client submissions.
  • Complete payroll, review and reconcile accounts to ledger, prepare and process payroll deductions, and reconcile monthly bank statements and quarterly tax reports as needed.
  • Track your time for each task completed.

Balanced Office Solutions Company Perks

Competitive Salary

We offer a competitive salary starting at $20 per hour or more based on experience and performance review after 90 days.

Flexible Work Schedule

Hours will vary from 5 to 20 hours to start and quickly move up– while we do offer flexible work hours, daily work is required along with weekly team meetings.

Remote Work

Work from the comfort of your own home!


We thrive on family dynamics, let’s work hard and laugh even harder!

Sound like a good fit?

Balance Office Solutions is looking for an enthusiastic bookkeeper to start ASAP and we can not wait to hear from YOU!

We will likely receive a lot of applications for this position, so please be sure to make your application stand out and reflect who you are!

How to Apply:

  1. Send us your resume in PDF Format along with the following:
  2. Record a short 1-3 minute video telling us why you would make the perfect candidate for this position, what you expect to be paid hourly and why you’d be a good fit for Balanced Office Solutions! (This video is required and we want you to know… it’s ok if the video isn’t perfect or you’re nervous… we just want to make sure you’re a real human and hear what you have to say.)
  3. Include your “Hidden Subject Line”
  4. Send all of the above information to