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One of the most important things affecting your business right now: your mindset. A mindset shift can happen in an instance. It can be long lasting and lead to big […]
The 5 Biggest Mistakes I See in Quickbooks!
Quickbooks is the most popular app out there for business owners managing their books but it is not perfect! There are some parts of managing Quickbooks that you may only learn working with an accountant.
How to Make Sure You Always Turn a Profit
Sound familiar? You’re doing everything right for your small business - growing your client list, rocking your social media, putting in the work - but your end of month cash doesn't show it. 
4 Tips For Handling Burnout When You Own A Business!
From the outside looking in, owning a business can look like unlimited freedom and cash flowing in! But sometimes that is just not reality, or not the complete reality. Sure, being a business owner may mean you don’t have a boss to report to but that doesn’t mean you don’t have clients in your inbox or cash flow constantly on your mind!
We all started our business for one reason or another. Maybe you love matching people with their dream home or guiding people through the toughest challenges in their life. Whatever gifts you were given you figured out how to turn them into a business AND make money.
how to calculate your prices
One of the most important things you need to learn as a business owner is how to price your services! It may sound simple, but incorrectly pricing services you offer can eat away any profits you have, or even lead to losses that could really hurt your company. Below I will give you some great tips on how to calculate the price for your services!
Quickbooks reconciliation
As a business owner, you may not have as much time as you would like to deal with your business accounting books. QuickBooks is a great software program that saves time and makes accounting so much easier! One of the biggest functions of QuickBooks is to help with account reconciliation. In this article we will discuss reconciliation and some issues QuickBooks users encounter.